Kathleen Mazy

Web Designer, Instructional Designer, Developer, CEO

I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2001 with a BS in Applied Learning and Development. After Brandon and I got married, we found massage therapy and found a passion for it. Though we had to attend school in the “big city”, we returned home to Brownwood to open Fancy’s Day Spa. It wasn’t until I became a massage therapy instructor that I found my true calling in life. As an educator, I see how learning is changing. We are all more “techie” and school and CE classes must adapt to become more engaging. Students are not satisfied reading from a book or listening to someone lecture, there must be interaction with the material. The way the older generation learned is not the way the younger generation learns. So for all of our courses, we look for ways to make our online class engaging. We give you activities and games to supplement the learning.

  • We work and play hard
  • My favorite perk to my job, if I need a break i go down to the dock and get on a jet ski for a bit.
  • We are bringing back the fun jobs and perks!