Sanitation I ~ 6 hr

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Explore the world of sanitation by helping Jenny with interactive knowledge checks and fun exercises in this lesson. Even though the images and characters are in 3d you do NOT need anything special to view this lesson NO PLUGin's. Just sit back and enjoy the interactive and imersive experience!

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This course will fullfill a 6 hr course.

Within this course you will learn information that can be used on a daily basis from cleaning to how to take care of your insturments as well as laws and industry standards to help you take care of your clients in a safe an clean enviorment. Jenny will be your virural 3d character that will help you or you will help her along the way! This is a very informative and fun course.

State(s): Texas Approved
Course Delivery: Online
Duration: 6 hours
  • Brandon Mazy
    5.00 out of 5

    Can't wait to take this course!

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